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  • Sharleen Sawicki

    February 2, 2023 at 3:38 pm

    We are in the middle of converting to ENFit and are going to be purchasing the Dosemate adapters to prevent mucosal injury. I was actually wondering how much these adapters are actually going to be used and whether mucosal injury has actually been a problem.

    Sharleen Sawicki, BScN, RN, CPHON
    Clinical Nurse Educator
    McMaster Children’s Hospital
    Hamilton, ON
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    Sent: 02-02-2023 10:26 AM
    From: Adam Funk
    Subject: ENFIT Syringe


    I was wondering how everyone is administering oral medications. Does your institution stock only ENFIT oral syringes? If using ENFIT syringes do you have an adapter you use when administering oral medications? Have you seen any mucosal injuries? Many thanks for your time!

    Thank you, Adam

    Adam Funk, CPON,MSN,RN
    Pediatric Oncology Nurse
    Southaven, MS
    United States