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  • Sarah Pierce

    March 9, 2023 at 3:30 pm


    I work for a children’s hospital. Our current practice is Q96H with tubing changes. Other indications are: within 24H of receiving blood products, just prior to blood cultures and within 24H of receiving Propofol. Another random one is if we are unable to get blood return from the line, we are encouraged to change the cap to see if that will make a difference. 

    Sarah Pierce
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    From: Ashley Duffner
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    Good Afternoon All,

    We are a children’s hospital within a hospital and wanted to reach out to see what other children hospitals are doing. We currently change our needleless connectors and IV tubing Q96 hours routinely. The adult side just changed the policy change everything Q7 days. Would love to know what everyone else is doing.

    Thank you

    Ashley Duffner, RN,CPNP
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