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  • Christan Rousey

    April 9, 2023 at 12:51 am

    While we do not do stem cell transplant — we typically just fold a white label (on to itself) around the tubing (not at a connection) and write what lumen it is.  We utilize sigma pumps (therefore, no channels), but place a white label with lumen color or line (Mediport, PICC red, etc) on the pump.  We do the same thing for the medfusion (medlines) and will often place the same sticker with the lumen color wrapped around the filter.  I do admit that the colors would be easily visible and time saver, but seems like an unnecessary cost and storage space issue.  Our lumens are typically RED, PURPLE, WHITE.  Do you have a larger array of colors for your lumens?

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    From: Jennifer Rea
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    We are looking at using color tape to identify lines to make it easier to trace lines of our patients (especially stem cell patents). Has anyone used any specific tape and any ideas for labeling the pumps (channels) besides tape? I know in the passed it has been an issue using adhesive so was looking to see if anyone has alternatives. Appreciate any ideas or what has or hasn’t worked for you in your facility.


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