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  • Christopher Williams

    September 25, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    For outpatient based care, we do vital sign observations at the completion of transfusion and educate the family on the signs and symptoms of transfusion reactions. There is nothing in our standard here that necessitates staying for the extra hour and all patients are discharged following the infusion. Other paediatric centres I have worked in did have a “transition lounge” for this type of thing with a high patient to nurse ratio of low risk patients located elswhere in the department so that acute patients could be admitted quickly to cancer services.
    Christopher Williams

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    What is your hospital’s current practice for patients who have received blood transfusions in the clinic and are ready to be discharged home, but require vital signs one hour post transfusion according to the AABB standards?  This is a challenge for our clinic bed situation, and is a change in practice for some of our seasoned families who have received many blood transfusions and have not had issues (choose to leave at end of transfusion.)  Any ideas are welcome!  This also affects inpatient nursing, as some clinic patients are sent to the inpatient unit to finish their transfusions before discharge home (this will mean the child/family will need to wait one hour post transfusion for vital signs.)

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