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  • Sandra Randall

    October 17, 2013 at 9:23 am

    All chemo nurses have to complete APHON chemo classes and maintain that.  Most of our skill validations after hire are done in our yearly peds competency day.  Some skills are mandated others are choosen (like those that are high risk low volume, or some new/different skill), these are done for all units. Example:  when we introduced blood bar coding we then had this in the annual skills day to make sure everyone had the skills we wanted them to have, the other is that everyone nurse on all units have to complete chemo safety at hospital competency day.  We try to vary this from a poster board with a quiz to hand on demonstrations. Central line varies from demonstration of drawing blood cultures, dressing changes, port a cath access etc. This we try to present in different ways such as hands on, video’s and people have to pick correct techniques and incorrect techniques to poster boards with quizes.  Chemo competency is done by one chemo nurse signing off another chemotherapy nurse using a check off list looking at :   chemo doses, calculations, roadmap, etc up to the actual administration.  We do the same for BMT infusions. In general if it is a new skill or a skill we are changing we want return demonstration.  hope this helps

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    I was wondering what specific skills validations you are doing in your hospital for Hem/Onc and how are you getting those skills done to meet requirements?  self learning, computer, group learning?  Chemotherapy safety?  I would appreciate all input since I am new to this role.  Cathy

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