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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    November 7, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Our RNs are trained and competent to give chemo via Omaya.  Below is an excerpt from our procedure. 





    Equipment preparation:

    1. Intrathecal medication
    2. Medication order (verify medication with 2 chemotherapy certified RNs)
    3. Sterile gloves
    4. 25 gauge butterfly needle
    5. Sterile iodine packet (3 swabs)
    6. Sterile alcohol packet (3 swabs)
    7. Sterile 2×2 gauze
    8. 3mL syringe(s)
    9. CSF collection tubes
    10. Mask
    11. Sterile field

    Performing the procedure:

    1. Position the patient lying supine with the patient’s head towards performing clinician
    2. Perform aseptic hand wash
    3. Prepare sterile field with appropriate supplies
    4. Apply mask and sterile gloves
    5. Locate the Ommaya reservoir and depress the reservoir several times (3-5)
    6. Prepare skin with 3 swabs of alcohol followed by 3 swabs of iodine; allow prepared skin to dry
    7. Access Ommaya with 25 gauge butterfly needle by puncturing the Ommaya at 90°
    8. Attach syringe to withdraw required CSF amount (withdraw at least enough to equal the amount of chemotherapy to be infused plus a 1mL flush; minimum amount needs to be 3mL in order to process CSF for required labs)
    9. Remove syringe and attach chemotherapy
    10. Administer chemotherapy slowly over 3-5 minutes
    11. Remove chemotherapy and attach CSF syringe for flush
    12. Administer 1mL CSF to ensure flushing of chemotherapy into Ommaya
    13. Remove butterfly needle and apply gauze
    14. Assist patient in re-positioning if needed in order to ensure comfort and stability following medication administration
    15. Clear and dispose equipment according to hospital policy
    16. Perform aseptic hand wash
    17. Ensure documentation of medication administration

    Mary Lynn Rae
    Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital
    Chicago, IL
    United States

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    Our NPs and MDs do this. Our RNs do not.

    Michelle Woyce-Besmer
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian
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