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  • Gale Roberts

    November 12, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Susan,
    Generally we use the rate of 20cc per hour.  Unless the child is an infant (< 10 kg), then we would have to have to adjust it according to the max hourly rate, if they had another line infusing.  Gerally never lss than 15 cc hr though.

    Gale Roberts
    Provincial Pediatric Oncology Nurse Coordinator
    Janeway Children’s Health & Rehab Centre
    St Johns

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    From: Susan Russo
    Subject: KVO Central Line Infusion Rate

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    What is your institutions minimal infusion rate when administered through:

    a. Port-A-Cath 
    b. Tunneled Central Venous Line

    Thanks for the input!

    Susan Russo
    Hem Onc Interim Nurse Educator
    Austin, TX
    United States