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  • Sheila Tobin

    November 20, 2013 at 7:21 pm

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    We are looking to see what other institutions are doing for end of life care.  Please take a minute to answer a few questions. 

    1. Do you have end of life protocols specifically for non-ICU units?

      We have a palliative care order set, and we use computerized charting so I’m not sure how to share this with you.  Please email me directly at and we can discuss this more. 

    2. If so, what medications / drips are included for non-ICU settings (if you can send a copy of your protocol we would be forever indebted)?

      Again, the order set includes ativan, morphine drips.  The Pain Team is very involved in end of life care, and whatever is needed for adequate pain control (including ketamine drips, aerosolized morphine etc.) is used. 

    3. Do you have a palliative care team or a core group of providers for end of life patients?   We have a Supportive Care Team that follows the high risk patients from diagnosis and relapsed patients.  When physicians need to discuss palliative care with caregivers and patients, a member of the Supportive Care Team has already built a relationship with the family and is present to help support families with decisions.  Regarding nurses, on the inpatient unit of Hem/Onc we tend to have the primary RN continue to care for the patients at end of life.  We also offer a Palliative Care Rn Practice Committee meetings for nurses (Hem/Onc and PICU) as educational opportunities approximately 4 times a year.


    Thanks for your responses!

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