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    Our unit has initiated an ERMA project (Effective Resource Management and Allocation). We are looking for units that are similar to ours to benchmark against. I know this may seem a little long, but can you please answer the following questions? Or forward this on to an educator, manager, or director who can? All answers and any further questions can be addressed to me (Kelly O’Neill,<>) or my department directors (Jenny Marsh,<> and Susie Loehr,<>).

    We appreciate your help!                                                                                                                                                           

    ERMA Questions

    1. Number of beds:  24
    2. Types of diagnoses: Hem, Onc, SCT
    3. RN: Patient Ratio: CA: Patient Ratio: RN:  2.5/1 (3:1=Hem/Onc and 2:1=SCT); CNA=1/8-10
    4. Does your CN take patients? No (only if there are ill calls)
    5. Do you have another RN (Resource RN) on your unit that doesn’t take patients? No
    6. Average Daily Census:  2013=17.9
    7. How many admission and discharges do you average daily? 3-4 (1342 for 2013)
    8. Do you utilize LPNs? No
    9. Do you have a Unit Educator? Yes How many?1 Do they do patient care? No
    10. Do you utilize agency or traveling RNs? No If so, what percentage of your staff do they account for? Do you know if they are included in your PACT (Pediatric Analysis Comparison Tool) data?
    11. What salaried job codes and FTE’s are scheduled in and paid from your cost center? CNS, director, 2 managers, 2 chemo APNs
    12. What hourly job codes and FTE’s are scheduled in and paid from your cost center? How many FTE’s are you allocated for RN’s? (3 job codes; RNs=40.7)
    13. Do you use an acuity system to help determine your daily staffing levels? Yes (Quadramed)
    14. How many 1:1 patients do you have daily/weekly for medical or safety? Very rare.  Usually just the first 1-2 days of a ch14.18 admission, prior anaphylaxis to a drug/chemo, sometimes SCT, but again a 1:1 is overall an exception not the norm.
    15. Are your sitters for your 1:1’s paid out of your cost center or a separate cost center? Ours
    16. At discharge do your RN’s and CA’s strip down the room or does housekeeping? CNAs and RNs.
    17. Do your nurses start IVs and do lab draws on your unit or is there a team in the hospital who does it? Vascular Access team or lab? VAT starts IVs and they do scheduled dressing changes.  CVC blood draws are done by unit based RNs; scheduled peripheral blood draws = phlebotomy
    18. Do you have any APNs under your cost center? Yes=2 chemo APNs
    19. Do you have any Child Life under your cost center? No (this is central until family services support)
    20. Do you have a position that is similar to an Equipment Tech? (Someone who restocks, orders supplies, etc?) Is it a full time position? Yes, but this person does not report to the cost center (it is central) and they cover 3 floors. 

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