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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    April 16, 2014 at 9:07 am

    We do not count the tubing disconnection for a blood draw in terms of having to change the tubing.  For piggyback infusions (if the patient is on multiple)–we will prime a double or triple extension set with saline and attach that extension set above the pump and then attach all of the piggyback tubing.  That way everything stays connected and we do not have to change the piggyback tubing each time. 

    Mary Lynn Rae
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    Sent: 04-15-2014 11:11 AM
    From: Traci Marsh
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    When patients with a central venous catheter are admitted and need IV antibiotics, I was just wondering how institutions change/keep track of changing the secondary tubing for piggy back antibiotics? So our standard practice is that our tubing is good for 96 hours if the line does not get broken. If you break the line it needs to be replaced within 24 hours. So it was suggested by an employee that we just change the IVPB tubing daily with your first dose of antibiotics. Reason being almost all of our Hem/Onc inpatient population is receiving daily lab work, therefore, we are having to change all the tubing every 24 hours. Any thoughts or standards at your institutions? Thanks in advance for any input.

    Traci Marsh, RN
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    Traci Marsh
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