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  • Kathleen Stakes

    May 29, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    We have a clinical ladder program.  If the nurses want to advance in the clinical ladder one of the things necessary is precepting. 

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    From: Michael Hans
    Subject: Nurse Preceptor Benefits and incentives

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    I want to see what types of benefits and incentives other institutions give to nurse preceptors who work with newly hired staff nurses.

    So, please answer these two questions:

    What benefits or incentives does your hospital offer to nurses who preceptor newly hired staff nurses.  Examples could be 1) a one time pay bonus, 2) a per hour pay differential 3) extra time off 4) advancement on a clinical ladder

    What requirements are tied to that benefit or incentive.  Examples are 1) the newly hired person must stay at least 1 year 2) the preceptor must be with that orientee for x number of hours or days.

    Any other information that you can provide about incentives and benefits will be helpful, too.

    Thank you, all

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