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  • Debra Bruene

    July 29, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    We have successfully been holding inpatient huddles for a few months now and the staff really appreciate them.  They seem to be working quite well. See Below…

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    Does anyone do a inpatient daily huddle? If so a few questions:
    1. What time do you do it? 0700 right before report starts; night shift comes in the report room very briefly.
    2. How long is it? 5-10 minutes
    3. Who runs it? NM, ANM, APN, Staff Nurse as appropriate for the agenda item
    4. If the charge RNs run it, how is the information given to them?
    5. What is your format; what topics to do you cover? Wide range of topics. Recent examples – showed staff a 4 minute video that will be used for patient education and is new (APN), Pt Satisfaction scores reviewed (Nurse Manager), Changes coming to print lab requisitions (ANM), Pt/Family parking changes (ANM, NM), venipuncture updates (APN), quality data, etc. etc.
    -Some topics are repeated more than one morning based on how many different staff are there each day. 
    -At times, we don’t have topics to cover and so it is cancelled. 
    -These have eliminated/decreased the need for staff meetings.
    -When we need to have longer inservices about a topic, we cancel the huddle for that day.  Then inservices are held after central taped report is completed and bedside handoff is given.  Nurses come back to the report room and listen to inservices. 
    -A very short typed summary of each huddle is sent the NM and each Friday notes from the huddles of that week are posted.  All staff who were not at the huddle are to read.
    -Notes/handouts are left for weekend shifts as needed in addition to the minutes.

    Mary Lynn Rae
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