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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    September 17, 2014 at 9:14 pm

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    Good Afternoon Everyone,
    I have two questions for those of you that have Stem Cell Transplant patients housed on the same unit as the Heme/Onc patients as we do at The Children’s Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

    1. What is the education process you have for the transplant nurses? Do you wait any amount of time before allowing them to care for transplant patients or is it part of their initial orientation process? Our unit is combined Hem/Onc/SCT.  For new graduate or RNs without Hem/Onc/SCT experience we wait 1 year. 

    Presently we wait until the RN has been on the unit for a year before we “certify” them to care for transplant patients. Once they’ve achieved a year of tenure on the unit I hold a transplant class, which includes lectures and hands on education regarding care of the transplant patient, these lectures are given by faculty and staff involved in the Stem Cell Transplant process- physicians, pharmacists, PT/OT, child life, nursing etc.

    2. I’d like to know if anyone uses the APHON/PBMTC Foundations of Pediatric Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplantation; Core Curriculum to educate their staff? What are your thoughts? Do you use this program to augment any other didactic program or do you use it as a continuing education tool? We use the APHON PBMTC foundations but modify it.  We do 2 days of APHON content and 1/2 day of hospital specific content.
    thanks for your replies-

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