Reply To: COG protocols

  • Cara Johnson

    January 21, 2015 at 4:51 pm

     1. are all chemotherapy nurses/doctors members of COG and obtain full COG protocols as needed via COG web page (nurses here and some of the doctors find the COG membership time burdensome) Yes most but not all Full
    2. do all chemotherapy nurses/doctors have full COG protocols printed and in a binder on the hem/onc unit? No we have a H/O Portal
    3. are there other ways all chemotherapy nurses/doctors have access to full COG protocols if needed in your hospital? Yes in our portal
    4. is anyone able to electronically attach full COG protocols and or roadmaps to electronic orders? NO
    5. is there any hospital where chemotherapy nurses do not utilize full COG protocols or roadmaps because the chemo orders are made to reflect all protocol information.  if yes how is this working for you No on the first day of chemo 2 RNs check the orders against the protocol this is how errors are found.

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