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  • Kathleen Stakes

    February 10, 2015 at 10:07 am

    All of our chemo is run as a secondary infusion via a primary line.  We use the Sigma Large Volume Pump and clamp the primary line above the pump while the chemo is running.  Each dose comes seperately with it’s own secondary tubing but the primary tubing stays the same for all chemo and IV hydration.  We change the primary tubing every 96 hr. 

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    Subject: questions regarding chemo tubing and chemo admistration

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    I have several  questions regarding chemo administration and tubing in other institutions.  Currently we utilize a tubing special to MD Anderson  called a manifold,  it allows for at least 6 compatible medications to be infused without disconecting the full set or piggy back tubing.  We would like to know how other institutions administer multiple doses of chemotherapy without the use of a manifold.  I can provide a picture of the manifold if you’d like in a subsequent message.

    1. do you disconnect and discard the chemo tubing?
    2.  with multiple doses of the same (ex. cytarabine)  what is your practice?
    3.  do you utilize separate tubing via Y site for chemo?

    thank you in advance for your responses.

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