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  • Kelly Horn

    December 6, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    At McLane Children’s in Temple, TX, I work three 12 hour shifts as a charge nurse, but I do not have a patient load.  I do help with procedures, charting (admissions/discharges/care plans), medications, etc. as needed for workflow.  My role is half clinical educator (Nursing Professional Development) and half charge nurse so I split my time: 36 hours per pay period as charge, 40 as educator.  I actually prefer this.  While it is hectic and difficult sometimes to keep it all straight doing both things, I really like keeping up my skills and knowledge of what is happening on the floor, and I feel like the staff respect me more for it.  If I need more education time to hold classes, internship, residency, chemo, clinical coach etc. , I can either charge to unit education or go above my 40 with approval.  It has never been a problem and I have been doing this since 2009.  I have a system of scheduling and it works.  



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    Hi Michael,
    At Cincinnati Children’s the educator is required to work 8 hours every 2 weeks in a clinical role taking patients.

    I am also interested in hearing the clinical requirement for educators at other institutions.

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