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  • Chris Donaghey

    February 1, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    ​We do not clean IV tubing, though this has been a concern for staff given our recent infection events and how frequently these children were exposed to environmental concerns (toddlers on the floor, etc.).

    Our health system recently underwent a huge effort to standardize central line policies based on available evidence across all hospitals, adult and pediatric. Cleaning of IV tubing was not included due to insufficient evidence. There are resources that refer to MRSA decolonization and the theoretical prevention of HAIs otherwise. When referring to ONS/AVA/INS guidelines, since it wasn’t recommended, our system has continued to not adopt the practice.

    The Line Lifter is interesting, and I wonder if any other facilities have used it with positive results. It seems potentially beneficial, especially around specific populations in one’s hospital most predisposed to infection.

    Chris Donaghey, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, CPN, CPHON
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    From: Mary Lynn Rae
    Subject: Cleaning IV Tubing

    ​Hi All:

    I saw a post about this in 2016 but only a couple of people responded.  We clean the IV tubing (just the tubing that is infusing–never the sterile ends) QDday and also do a quick wipe down over the CVC dressing, both with CHG.

    This was a recommendation when we implemented CHG wipes a few years ago but wondering if there has been any new evidence for this? see page 43 and 47 from the AHRQ/CDC.  CHG is safe to use on dressings and tubings (not just CVCs). When LC17 cleans the dressing they do a very quick wipe on top of the CVC dressing (in addition to the regular skin which needs to get as close to the CVC as possible).  This was also a recommendation when we were trained on CHG and the clinician training from a clinical science liaison.

    An article just about dirty tubing and lifting off the ground from JOPON!

    Are there any institutions that currently clean Central Line IV tubing?  If so:

     1. What product do you use?

    2.  How often do you clean the IVF tubing?

    3.  Do you have a policy?

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