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  • Candace Young

    April 11, 2018 at 11:03 am

    ​We would be open for tips as well.  It is definitely the expectation, and our staff can tell you why we do it, what benefit it is, and how it affects the patient/family in a positive way, yet if leadership isn’t around, it doesn’t happen.  We have had it as our expectation for close to 2 years now, yet we still don’t do it 100% of the time.  They aren’t at the desk, but they are in the hallways outside the room when they do it.  I would love to hear how you got your staff to be successful!  Our staff doesn’t want to wake the families and sees it as a burden when the families ask questions during report.

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    We have tried several times and ways to implement it.  It is for sure best practice. However, although it is the expectation, I am realistic that it never if rarely happens.  The nurses often complain there is not enough time and worry about waking up the patient and family or others overhearing (we have some shared rooms still).  I would love any tips for making it stick!

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    Does anyone do Patient/Parent-centered nursing bedside handover?? If so, how do you like it compared to nurses doing handover at a computer/desk and would you welcome us contacting you to ask a few questions on logistics??

    We are thinking of implementing this and would like some guidance! Thank you!

    Lynnette Acosta, MSN, RN, CPN,
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