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  • Pamela Smith

    May 24, 2018 at 7:45 am

    I can tell you, being an oncology nurse and Np for many years, the old POG Studies (8605, 9201, 9400 series, 9605 etc) used IM MTX administered at home or at local physician office- all this was taught and drawn up by parents or pediatricians at home- we gave the monthly IM in our office with visit but the weekly doses were given at home.  The current studies (since changed to COG) all use oral MTX like CCG did.  There is precedents to the way they are doing it.  Hope this history lesson (and walk down memory lane for some) is helpful!



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    ​Does your institution require nurses to wear PPE for administration of MTX to rheumatology patients? We have this set as our standard but are receiving push back from rheumatology because it is a low dose of MTX. The MTX is not always available in the injection pens, so they are requesting nursing teach families how to draw up MTX from a vial- not under a hood, and without PPE. Would like some feedback from other institutions who administer MTX to rheumatology patients.

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