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  • Leticia Valdiviez

    June 27, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    ​Here at CHLA we give monthly regardless as long as they have B cell aplasia. We will give sooner than a month if the IgG level is less than 400.

    Letty Valdiivez, MSN, RN, CPHON
    CAR T Coordinator
    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
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    Sent: 06-27-2018 07:26 PM
    From: Michelle Gillard
    Subject: CAR-T and IgG replacement parameters

    ​Hi everyone,
    Hoping you are all staying cool. It’s currently 109 in Phoenix (ugh).

    Would you be willing to share your parameters for IgG replacement in your s/p CAR-T population? We’ve gone back and forth on whether to give IVIG for levels less than 400 mg/dL, 500 or if we should keep them above 800, since they have no B cell function.

    Thank you in advance!

    Michelle Gillard, MSN, RN, CPHON
    Cellular Therapy Program Coordinator
    Phoenix Children’s Hospital
    Phoenix, AZ