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  • Sheila Tobin

    September 17, 2018 at 2:20 pm

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    Notes from town hall, sorry for brevity, please update/add if I got anything wrong or missing and/or expand on topics/ask questions. Just tried to catch all topics.

    Hands-on/escape the room
    Game buzzers “tools for trainers”
    Lunch and learn/2am tea
    Quiz for education updates
    Celebration of those that got things done vs “wall of shame”
    Teams with team champions to get ensure education for team is done
    Education committee part of unit based councils…certain kekbers required to teach education already developed to certain other unit members
    Team competition with prizes of “dream schedule”, “float ticket” or food, socks, others
    Repository for new education
    Recorded education on video-staff has defined period to get done
    Professional education work is expectation. FTe of clinical is 36 hours, but expectation on hire is working 40 hours and extra 4 is for committee work, education or option nurse chooses
    Work with manager for accountability, watch boundaries of what is and is not education being asked of you 
    Education from issues in safety reports
    Not everyone may need to be checked off, may need to drill down to identify which people need the education so not wasting time/money on checking off everyone. 
    Multidisciplinary rounding
    Scheduled interdisciplinary meetings so medical changes are communicated with nursing and then can be disseminated
    Bedside nurses access to COG-Joint commission required Hasbro to have action plan that all staff nurses checking chemo have access other hospitals haven’t had same experience
    Donna Wright competency model
    Let the nurse choose how they want their competency validated-nursing rounds, peer review, exemplars, posters ect
    USP 800 how to educate? Non-cheno drugs that are hazardous-chemo nurses only? Or non chemo nurses and then how to educate?
    Chemo monitoring nurses versus chemo competent nurses
    Chemo administration for non oncology patients policy
    Multi disciplinary steering committee for USP 800 (including environmental services and clinical roles)

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