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  • Chris Donaghey

    October 9, 2018 at 8:16 am

    At Lurie, do you also use the proprietary wipes?

    What are the cost considerations between Sage CHG wipes and the Hibi system?

    Since the shift in product and increased compliance, have you noticed improved outcomes/patient satisfaction scores?

    Currently, we almost exclusively use Sage CHG wipes. We’ve used Hibiclens in special considerations where the child was a teenager who blatantly refused to use the wipes anymore unless we made an alteration to the plan. They were able to shower. As a hospital, we’ve had concerns that using a different product would potentially be used less thoroughly, and improperly in those who are not wholly capable themselves.

    I would agree with Molnlycke’s assessment that just using wipes isn’t an ideal bath, though we are attempting to split the difference between workflow of staff and usability for families/children; the ease of use of single wipes, and the abilities of families to assist with them if staff become inundated, can admittedly take precedent.

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    No it is made by Molnlycke.  We have the 16 oz foam bottles with pump for the SCT and long term patients and the 4 oz bottles for short term admissions.  We also have the cloths too (not treated with CHG) but just helps if the kids need bed baths. The compliance has gone way up with the foam vs. the SAGE wipes because it does not leave the sticky film. We only use the SAGE wipes now if they pt. really can’t get out of bed and is refusing the bath, we just then do a quick wipe down with the SAGE wipes.



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    Hi Mary Lynn,

    Is this CHG Hibi Foam also from Sage?

    Curious to learn more. Thank you.



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