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  • Amanda Lulloff

    February 11, 2019 at 10:30 am


    We recently trialed this as well as we had some parents asking about it. We decided not to purchase it. The reasons we are not purchasing is many of our ports are double ports, and these will not work with a double port. In lower use areas (such as ED), they struggle most with the double ports over singles, so we didn’t think it would address our main problems.

    The other reason that we might have been able to work around if it would address the main problems was, this only comes available as a kit. The kit does not contain the same dressings and needles we routinely use. We are trying to standardize our central line procedures and supplies, and getting this kit would either mean having unstandardized supplies or trying to change the whole hospital over to different dressings and needles, for the very few patients this would work for.

    We did give this feedback to the rep, he said it was interesting and he’d take it back to the company as feedback.

    Amanda Lulloff, PhD, RN, PCNS, CPHON
    Nurse Supervisor
    Blank Children’s Hospital
    Des Moines, IA
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    From: Sarah Stankus
    Subject: Port Stablizer

    ​Yes. If you contact your Bard rep you can get some demos. Our Peds Hem Onc staff identified this to not be an issue based on their skill level but suggested I bring it to Inpt Peds and ER where the opportunity for Port access experience is lower. Very nice total package kit and easy to use $18-21/kit depending on needle size and Power needle vs non Power needle variable selected.

    Sarah Stankus, RN
    Osceola, IN
    United States

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    From: Cherise Jeffress
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    I know this is a new product.  However, I am wondering if anyone has trialed or is using the Port Stabilizer by BARD access systems (AKA the “Amanda” Port Stabilizer).  Benefits?  Drawbacks?  Benefits with experienced staff vs. more inexperienced staff?

    Cherise Jeffress, CPHON, MSN, RN
    UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland
    Oakland, Ca