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  • Heather Hartlage

    July 9, 2019 at 11:47 am

    ​These are the approved alternative dressing for our hospital.  Maybe some of these might help.

    Heather Hartlage, MSN,RN,CPON
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    From: Stephanie Hannah
    Subject: CVL Dressing Help Required

    ​Hi Lisa,

    Have you tried Mastisol liquid adhesive? It works well for us in these situations.

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    Sent: 07-09-2019 08:38 AM
    From: Lisa Honeyford
    Subject: CVL Dressing Help Required

    We have a 22 month old post BMT patient who develops contact with every dressing we have tried. The patient has had three central lines “fall out” in the last month because we have been unable to secure them.

    Dressings we have tried and have failed for the following reasons include:

    Contact Dermatitis


    IV 3000 


    IV Clear 


    Peels off the patient within 24 hours and therefore doesn’t secure the line safely

    Mepilex Clear 

    Mepilex border 


    Any ideas out there?? Thanks in advance.

    Lisa Honeyford, CPHON,RN
    Pickering, ON