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  • Jennifer Nordin

    July 10, 2019 at 11:17 am

    We do not remove the needleless connector before drawing blood cultures. We do draw them through a bifuse/ trifuse based on our goal to decrease disconnections of IVF’s and minimize time that the line’s hub is open to air. Is this a new standard in the field you are referring to, or just in your organization?​

    Jennifer Nordin, RN
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    Sent: 07-10-2019 01:00 AM
    From: Sarah Hakim
    Subject: needleless connector change and blood culture withdrawal

    ​​​Please it is highly appreciated if you can share with me your practice in the technique of blood withdrawal/blood culture withdrawal from  an implantable venous access device ( implanted port)
     what do you put on the extension tube of the port.

    I am asking because the new practice in drawing blood cultures from the central venous access device is to change the needleless connector prior to withdrawing a blood culture.

    Can you confirm if you do the below:

    – Put a needleless connector on the end of the extension tube of the port (IVAD) ; after IVAD insertion
    – Use  a trifuse or multiple lumen extension  , by connecting it to the needleless connector.
    – Draw blood after disconnecting the multiple lumen extension or the trifuse in a sterile way, draw the blood sample then reconnect the same trifuse.
    to note that the normal blood sample is taken from one of the lumens of the multiple lumen extension (trifuse)    and the blood culture is withdrawn from the needleless connector that is applied to the  end of the extension tube of the port (IVAD) (since needleless connector needs to be changed  prior to blood culture withdrawal)

    Appreciate your help
    Thank you

    Sarah Hakim, MSN
    Clinical Educator