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  • Amanda Lulloff

    July 12, 2019 at 8:53 am


    We’re currently re-working our pediatric central line policies, and we are keeping ANTT principles in mind.

    Our central line bundle, when finished, will consist of at least procedures on:
    Verifying placement (both new and in use lines)
    Port accessing
    IV therapy administration set change (including use of filters)
    IV therapy solution change (including use of filters)
    Needleless connector change
    Picc insertion
    Flushing (including if Heparin is needed)
    Dressing change
    Blood sampling (including limits for pediatric safety)
    Blood cultures
    Reparing broken or leaking line
    De-accessing a port
    Removing a PICC

    We’re also looking into possible use of swab caps, prep for OR or IR placement of central lines, and inpatient bathing with central lines.

    For most of these things, clean goves are used. For accessing a port, PICC insertion, and dressing changes sterile gloves are used. We require mask use by the nurse, patient and people in the room for things where the line is “open” (accessing, deaccessing, dressing changes, insertion, needless connector change.)

    We currently are using the Microclave needleless connector. (we just changed to the recently after a review and some problems with our old connector.)

    Amanda Lulloff, PhD, RN, PCNS, CPHON
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Blank Children’s Hospital
    Des Moines, IA
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    From: Nicole Lennox
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    ​​Hi Everyone,
    We are currently updating our CVAD practices and we are really interested to see how other institutions practice.

    In particular in relation to CVC do you utilise ANTT principles?

    Do you use normal gloves or sterile?

    Do you place a value on the end of your CVC and if so which value do you use?

    Any information would be great

    Thank you all for your time

    Nicole Lennox
    Nurse Educator
    Cancer Centre for Children
    The Sydney Children’s Network
    Westmead Campus
    Sydney, NSW