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  • Kristie Schulz

    July 12, 2019 at 9:22 am

    We do not draw cultures through existing caps.  The exception is if you are currently placing a new cap under sterile conditions you may draw cultures through that cap now any future cultures require going down to the catheter hub.  We will draw other labs through caps though.  We change all caps and IV tubings every Monday and Thursday no matter when it was placed initially to ensure they do not go beyond the 96 hour time frame. We do make an exception for TPN and lipids we kept tubing changes/cap changes every 24 hours because of the high glucose/fat concentration.    If the line is opened (cap change, line change, cultures, port access, dressing changes on all PICC, ports, and any CVL) it is a sterile procedure with hats and masks for everyone in the room. 





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    hello the new recommendation is to change the needleless connector before blood culture withdrawal :

    Change the needleless connector no more frequently than every 96 hours but at least every 7 days because changing the device more frequently increases the risk of intravascular catheter–associated infection. Additionally, change the needleless connector if you remove it for any reason, if you note blood or debris within the connection, if it becomes contaminated, before drawing a blood culture through the catheter, and as directed by your facility​

    as stated in Lippincott and in the INS evidences.

    Thank you

    Sarah Hakim, MSN
    Clinical Educator