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  • Anne Raines

    July 24, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    For those who administer blood products via pump, do any of you use Plum 360 pumps?

    Anne Raines, CPHON,MSN,RN
    Austin, TX
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    From: Angele Phillips
    Subject: transfusion of blood via pump

    Hi Sarah,

    All our blood products regardless of volume are infused via the pump (using blood tubing.) If a blood product is in a syringe it is pre-filtered by transfusion medicine and administered using the syringe pump.

    Hope this helps!


    Angèle Phillips, HBSc, BScN, RN
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    From: Sarah Hakim
    Subject: transfusion of blood via pump


    Kindly appreciate sharing with me your practice in transfusing blood and blood products via pump.

    we added to our policy that pediatric patient less that 40 kg need to have the transfusion running through a pump.
    So, what we do is we connect the transfusion bag to the patient, we prepare a 60 ml syringe  with an extension tube, we withdraw 60 ml after 60 ml of blood from the bag, that is kept attached to the patient, then we run the syringe  filled with the blood  in a syringe pump (medfusion or alaris) until all the volume is over.

    what do you do in your place?

    Thank you

    Sarah Hakim, MSN,RN
    Clinical Educator