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  • Maritza Salazar Abshire

    August 30, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    We would not access the port and have the site evaluated for bleeding, infection etc.

    Maritza Salazar-Abshire, MSN, MED, RN, CPON
    Senior Nursing Instructor
    The Children’s Cancer Hospital at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Houston, Texas
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    Sent: 08-30-2019 08:15 AM
    From: Sarah Hakim
    Subject: oozing from a port

    ‚ÄčKindly advise what do you do in case you want to access a port that has oozing from the insertion site?
    do you still access it ?

    Thank you

    Sarah Hakim, MSN,RN
    Clinical Educator