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  • Louis Ruggiero

    September 16, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    Hi Theresa,

    At our institution we do administer blood products on the same day as Peg. We almost always give Peg first and we do not have an official time frame in between Peg and blood products. We also have patients go under sedation on the same day prior to Peg, but as the data suggests we see more reactions (most likely due to the increase in ammonia from the propofol) with these patients and are trying to limit this.

    Louis Ruggiero, BSN, RN, CPHON
    Clinical Educator – Infusion Center
    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
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    Sent: 09-13-2019 05:50 PM
    From: Theresa Gerten
    Subject: PEG-Asparaginase

    ​In your outpatient facility, do you administer blood and/or platelets on the same day as PEG-Asparaginase?
    If so, do you have a policy regarding timing between administering these products?
    Which do you administer first if giving both on the same day?
    Do you provide procedures with anesthesia on the same day as PEG-Asparaginase?
    If so which is first?
    Thank you.

    Theresa Gerten
    Clinical Education Specialist
    Phoenix Children’s Hospital
    Phoenix, Arizona