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    September 26, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Thanks for your feedback everyone.

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    From: Denise Vermaat
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    We use both soap and water, followed by CHG. Although I do not have the stats, we have had an overall decrease in CLABSI throughout our hospital since use of CHG has become the standard. Chris’s paper presentation was extremely informative regarding this at the APHON conference.

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    Heard some about it through our MDs.

    It’s still in manuscript phase. But here’s some brief info (second-hand):

    177/400 patients
    CHG vs control (“prepackaged cloth impregnated w mild soap”)

    CLABSI rate w CHG – 5.4
    CLABSI rate w control – 3.1
    IRR – 1.76

    Didn’t say whether MBI-CLABSIs were excluded

    CHG – 15%
    Control – 12%

    Cutaneous adverse events
    CHG – 22 events
    Control -14 events

    My questions/comments that I need answered are many but some offhand I gave were:

    What is the control soap?
    Those rates aren’t good if MBIs excluded (and aspire to better even with MBIs included)
    That’s a fair amount of cutaneous adverse events for a mild soap
    Type of patients

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