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  • Evelyn Joran-Thiel

    October 17, 2019 at 6:34 pm
    Our institution is preparing to open this study and we are in the midst of a similar discussion. We are going to place a sticker on the pump itself with this warning.

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    What type of education does your hospital have in place for Blinatumomab infusions at home?  I’m referring more to education that a parent could provide to an outside facility/caregivers if an emergency came up and they didn’t come to our hospital.  Several of us got to talking about (worst-case scenario) if the patient got in an accident, couldn’t speak, and had blina running.  Is there some type of bracelet, etc. the patient could wear to alert the first responders to NOT flush that line or for outlying facilities as well, in case a parent happened to not be with them?


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