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  • Vanessa Bertini

    February 7, 2020 at 6:03 am
    This is a problem that has been around for the ages. Lots of info on it if you look back through the posts. Short answer is Circle priming is pretty much the only way you will almost completely irradiate this issue. Lots of info on that here as well. Good luck!! 

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    Dear Members,
    Please, it is highly appreciated if you provide us feedback on the following inquiries:

    We are facing problems with accuracy in the chemotherapy infusion volume, especially methotrexate. Are you facing issues with chemotherapy bags? When the infusion time of the chemotherapy is over while the chemotherapy bag is still full? Note that we know that all bags could have an additional 10% or minus 10% volume. However, the remaining amount that we are having left after the infusion is over is more than 10%.
    Do you run the remaining amount ? or you only run the volume and the rate you initially set on the of the pump?

    Loucine Kaplanian, RN