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  • Julie Moreton

    April 13, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    We just started Blincyto again for the first time in a couple years. We do not use PIVs if possible. We use a single lumen port with the plan to start a PIV for antibiotics/other meds if needed. ​We check blood return every night with the new bag and we have used a KVO line Y’ed into the tubing (per COG protocol) to keep blood from backing up. We are currently having some issues with the port being sluggish though, so we plan to continue withdrawing/flushing really well every shift and may use TPA when we reaccess this week.

    Julie Moreton, MSN RN CPHON CPN CLNC
    President, Palmetto-APHON Chapter
    Nursing Education Specialist
    Prisma Health Children’s Hospital – Midlands
    Columbia, SC
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    Sent: 11-15-2019 01:04 AM
    From: Sarah Hakim
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    Appreciate providing me with answers on below inquiries regarding the home infusion of blinatumomab through the CADD pump.
    Noting that during hospitalization the drug is infused in BBraun pumps and when the patient needs to be discharged the drug will be shifted by the nurses in our hospital to the CADD pump, we are in the process of teaching the nurses on the administration of the blinatumomab through CADD pumps.

    – Who does the priming of the drug before discharge or when a bag needs to be changed the nurse or the pharmacist knowing that the priming must be done when the drug is attached to the CADD pump.

    – How is the priming done, do you put a Spiro connector to prevent leakage or spill of the drug during disconnection.

    – What do you do in case of air bubbles in the IV tubing knowing that we can not flush blinatumomab

    – During hospitalization do you administer blinatumomab through a peripheral or a central line? noting that we have single lumen ports that we also use for blood withdrawal, so we put blinatumomab in peripheral line to prevent flushing of the drug during blood withdrawal and to avoid running other medication with blinatumomab because we know that it should run alone. In that case when the patient will be discharged home on the blinatumomab , we need to disconnect it from the peripheral line and put it in the ports through a CADD pump.(opening the closed system)

    Thank you in advance for all you responses,

    Sarah Hakim, MSN,RN
    Clinical Educator