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  • Jennifer Nordin

    April 13, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    These are our unit’s guidelines for meetings:

    –All committee chairs who will be utilizing telecommunication for their committee meetings, must receive approval from management prior to the meeting.

    –All Committee chairs must submit the meeting minutes to management. The meeting minutes must include a list of all attendees; staff present vs. virtual must be noted on the minutes. Staff members who participate virtually must have the exact time of attendance recorded on meeting minutes.

    • Virtual employees must be present, active in dialect, and attend at least 45 minutes of the meeting in order for attendance to be counted.

    –All employees who are participating in telecommunication will be responsible for ensuring that all meetings are scheduled in Optilink.

    –Employees participating in telecommunication are responsible for filling out “oops cards” and ensuring their timecard is correct when approvals are requested.

    Jennifer Nordin, RN
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    How to you determine pay? Can you send or give details of your policy?

    Mary Lynn
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    ​1. What virtual hospital based system do you use?
    *We have transitioned into Microsoft 360, which has us holding meetings in TEAMS.
    2. When you hold ongoing education sessions for staff (i.e. maybe a 60 min contact hour event that is voluntary to attend) are the staff paid to attend if they come in?
    *We have a policy that outlines how a staff can be paid for this.
    3.  What do you do for ongoing education for staff on a yearly basis? I have update classes for staff yearly but those were cancelled due to COVID-19
    *Do you mean competencies? Ours are unit based. We trained superusers to have them check people off in downtime. Future classes will be held in TEAMS if we are unable to keep a safe distance

    Jennifer Nordin, RN
    Leawood, KS
    United States