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  • Amanda Lulloff

    April 15, 2020 at 2:12 pm


    ONS put out best practice for staffing during COVID. Not sure if you have seen this yet or not, but it might help you argue against all units having to contribute to staff the adult patients equally.

    Are we’re re-looking at a lot of our workflows, we had a discussion about checking chemotherapy and if the final bedside check could be done by a non-chemotherapy trained nurse (currently we’re training all of our acute care float pool to be a Chemo/Bio provider and the question we’ve asked is, is that necessary?)

    We decided in terms of checking the roadmap and such, that must be two chemo competent nurses. If the final bedside check could have a non-chemo competent RN be one of the two independent bedside checks is currently sitting at our chemo safety committee for further discussion.  

    The guidelines for administration of chemotherapy may have some additional language that can help you work through this question.

    Amanda Lulloff, PhD, RN, PCNS, CPHON
    Seattle Children’s Hospital
    Nurse Educator-Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
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    From: Amy Roth
    Subject: double-checking chemotherapy during COVID-19 surges

    Hi All –

    My hospital is doing COVID-19 surge nursing staffing planning. We are a lean-on children’s hospital and will be floating pediatric nurses to the adult side of the hospital to help with staffing during our surge. In planning for this, all pediatric units are contributing equal amounts of FTEs. It leaves us with the potential situation that on a given shift on our peds heme/onc unit, there may only be one APHON chemotherapy provider working if our oncology census is low. Has anyone else had to deal with/think about this? Given the situation, would it be advisable for a non-chemotherapy trained nurse to be a double-check for a chemotherapy competent nurse? Looking for advice or thoughts!

    Thanks and stay safe everyone!

    Amy Roth, MS,RN, CPHON
    Nurse Educator
    Golisano Children’s Hospital @ URMC
    Rochester, NY