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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    July 14, 2014 at 1:39 pm

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    Mary Lynn Rae
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    From: Cheryl Gerdy
    Subject: MBI related CLABSIs

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    At our facility we have seen a dramatic decrease in our non-MBI CLABSIs but continue to be challenged in reducing our  MBI related CLABSIs.   We are curious about what other facilities are experiencing or doing in relation to MBI related CLABSIs.

    • 1-Approximately what percentage of your CLABSIs meet the MBI criteria?  Has that percentage changed over time? 1/2 of hour patients this year.  Last year it was less.  We have only been tracking since Jan. 2013.
    • 2-Do you provide different cares related to patients at higher risk for MBI related CLABSIs?  If so, what?  (e.g. prophylactic antibiotics).  How do you determine those at highest risk? (e.g. AML, relapsed ALL, by medication administered – e.g. high-dose cytarabine). Currently we do not.  We will be implementing CHG bathing however for AML, infant ALL, and SCT patients this year however as that is where we are seeing our CLABSIs.
    • 3-If you have been able to reduce your number of MBI related CLABSIs to what would you attribute that success? n/a as per above

    Cheryl Gerdy
    Orem, UT