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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    July 23, 2014 at 11:28 pm

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    Mary Lynn Rae
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    Sent: 07-18-2014 05:06 PM
    From: Cheryl Gerdy
    Subject: Cancer Transplant Leadership Structure

    We are evaluating our leadership structure to focus on seamless quality of care for our Cancer and Transplant Center.  In doing so, we’d like to benchmark with other facilities.



    • What is your structure for your care continuum? One nursing director for Hem/Onc/SCT/Pheresis coveres IP and OP.  Administrator for OP and Administrator for IP. Director for Hem/Onc/SCT operations (CRAs, administrative support staff and support for the MDs). 
    • Do you have separate or combined leadership of your inpatient and ambulatory centers? How many direct reports to each of the management positions? 2 IP Managers and 2 OP managers; Clinical Educator covers both IP and OP.  Each manager has between 20-30 staff members. 
    • What disciplines report specifically to your center versus what is resourced by your hospital? (e.g. social work, child life, psychology, interpretation, chaplaincy). Just nursing, nursing assistants, and unit secretaries report to the nursing director. 
    • What is your facility program size? (e.g. number inpatient beds, outpatient beds, new diagnosis per year).  IP beds=24; OP beds=26 infusion beds and 21 clinic rooms. Around 250 diagnoses per year. 
    • Would you be willing to share your organizational chart?


    I would be happy to talk with you more over the phone or share information via email.  I can also share about our center as well.

    Cheryl Gerdy, MS, RN, CPON(R)
    Nurse Manager
    Cancer Blood and Transpant Center
    Primary Children’s Hospital