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  • Patricia Conlon

    October 15, 2015 at 11:43 am


    We participate in all. They all have their challenges and rewards.


    Our Nurse Managers see a defined number of patients weekly and ask certain questions. Feedback is reviewed with our Nurse Administrator monthly. They look for trends and ways to improve. Positive feedback is shared with staff.


    Hourly rounding (we call it Intentional Rounding)

    We give a hand out to families.


    We do it every hour during the daytime and approximately every two hours in the evening/nighttime hours. We call it the 3Rs:

    Refresh the environment

    • Provide you with fresh water or ice chips

    • Change your sheets or bedding

    Relieve pain

    • Ask you how you are feeling

    • Address any pain or discomfort you might be having

    Reposition for comfort

    Restroom assistance if needed


    Bedside report occurs for the most part but on occasion, such as a sleeping child, family asked not to be disturbed or sensitive information is needed to be discussed between nurses, it can happen outside the room. Safety checks are done together in the room. This has been valuable but has a learning curve and there is an art to it.

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    ——Original Message——

    Is your inpatient unit participating in Hourly Rounding, Nurse Leader Rounding, Strict “At the Bedside” report, or any of the other Evidence Based Leadership initiatives that the Studer Group teaches?

    If so, how’s it going? Would love to hear from nurses and managers who are participating in these initiatives  and to hear about their successes and their challenges  

    Thank you!!


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