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  • Amanda Lulloff

    July 16, 2019 at 9:57 am


    I’ve worked at a few different places. Priority has always been for someone who has a poster, presentation or is part of a APHON committee. After that, things have varied quite a bit. Sometimes it’s based on clinical ladder. Sometimes whoever expresses interest first. Sometimes those who express interest rotating so the same people don’t go every year.

    How much funding has also varied. Sometimes it’s a set amount, sometimes all fees except meals and ground transport are covered. It usually comes from an education fund.

    Usually people who have gotten some funding from the instutiton are required to give a presentation to staff after attending to share the knowledge.

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    Hi APHON Friends!

    Quick question:

    How do you determine who goes to the APHON Conference?
    How many people do you usually send?
    How is the cost covered?


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