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  • Marlene Reidl

    December 13, 2019 at 10:10 am


      We have a triage nurse that takes calls all day and the RN’s take turns rotating through triage.  We have an NP that is scheduled during clinic hours to triage sick calls that come in and handle other infusion related issues.  We use the APHON guidelines and adopted the UK telephone triage tool kit.

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    From: Marcia Bettenhausen
    Subject: Telephone Triage

    We struggle as well.  We have a scheduler (scheduling concerns)  and one nurse (RN triage) assigned to the phones and ideally go to the primary oncologist……….​ in all reality it is the RN figuring out urgency and getting whichever provider can respond in the most appropriate time frame.

    Marcia Bettenhausen, BSN,CPHON,RN
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    From: Carrie Orlebeke
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    We are looking at ​different models of who triages parent phone calls during clinic hours. Currently our non-urgent calls go to our nurse clinicians for the specific team. All urgent calls (Fever) go to our lead/ outpatient charge nurse. We are finding out that our nurse clinicians are becoming overwhelmed with phone calls during clinic and can slow clinic flow down. We were wondering what other outpatient clinics do to manage their parent phone calls.

    Do you have one dedicated person that takes all parent calls for the day?

    If so, is it the same person every day?

    Is it a RN or MA?

    Do they work normal clinic hours?

    Do they follow the APHON telephone triage guidelines or other telephone guidelines?

    Is there one MD that is assigned to help triage calls with the telephone triage RN or MA? Or does the person go to the primary oncologist of the patient.

    Thank you for your time and feedback. You can also email me at

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