• Kathleen Morris

    December 17, 2019 at 2:30 pm

    We have the patients do labs the day ahead and arrive with cream on.  NS is started on arrival and sg is checked.  If after 2 NS “boluses” they are close in spec gravity, we will hang a third “bolus” with Cytoxan.  They usually start urinating clear mid-way through that NS.  They get 4 hours IVF after Cytoxan.  Mesna is dependent on Cytoxan dosage (1200mg/m2 and higher).



    Kathleen Morris, MSN, RN

    Assistant Nurse Manager

    Ambulatory Pediatrics (AC-6)/ Pediatric Treatment Center

    Golisano Children’s Hospital



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      I was wondering how other out patient clinics are handling the “big day ” of chemo for these patients?  Our patients could be in clinic from 8-6 depending on labs and urine parameters with hydration.  We are looking for ways to decrease time needed, and I would like to know how other institutions are handling this?  Do patients get lab work done before?  Do you standardize pre and post hydration?  Do you wait for urine to clear?

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    Marlene Reidl, RN, BSN CPHON
    Clinical Manager
    Tomorrow Fund Clinic
    Hasbro Children’s Hospital
    Providence, RI USA