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  • Shannon Koty

    August 16, 2021 at 11:42 am

    Yes. That is correct. Perfect. Thank you for sharing


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    To clarify, are you asking about general hospital quality measures, e.g. – CLABSI, CAUTI, pressure ulcers? Or oncology specific? At CBCC, our outpatient, program specific quality measures are Time to Antibiotics (F&N), PEG assay levels, & pregnancy testing prior to chemo start. I’m happy to elaborate, if it’s helpful.


    Monica McMath, BSN,RN, CPN
    Nurse Manager
    Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center
    Austin, TX

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    From: Shannon Koty
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                     I am looking to see what quality measures that you are tracking at your facilities?

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    Shannon Koty, RN MSN, CPN, CPHON
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