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  • Kelly Horn

    January 6, 2022 at 10:51 am

    We have additional charges in the charge capture of EPIC for blood admin and chemo.  Included in that list that the nurse fills out at the end of shift are blood transfusion, platelet transfusion, chemo infusion -initial up to 1 hour, add chemo hrs, chemo IM or Sub Q, chemo IV push.  I don’t know how much each charge is, but our nurses will fill out and our HUC (desk clerk) enters them in at the end of each shift.   We also have additional charges for other categories as well (Vaccines, enteral care, central line, respiratory etc. )  I’m guessing they build in standard charges according to how each hospital system sets it up. 


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    From: Caroline Cronk
    Subject: inpatient charges for chemotherapy

    We are currently looking at our patient charges for inpatient stays for chemotherapy administration.  We currently only charge a flat rate room and nursing care charge, but recognizing that chemotherapy administration involves increased monitoring and time spent with cares, we are looking into whether we should be having an additional charge.
    Do any of your inpatient units have an additional charge for those patients receiving chemotherapy and how do you charge?  Is it based on number of chemotherapy agents and complexity or is it a flat additional charge when receiving chemotherapy?

    Caroline Cronk, MSN,RN
    UW Health Kids
    Madison, WI
    United States