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  • Vicki Schaefers

    February 13, 2014 at 10:53 am

    Our clinic sees hematology and onoclogy patients throughout the day – averaging about 50 patients.  We have an imbedded infusion center which cares for 11-20 patients a day.  We currently have 8-9 support staff on a daily basis.  They are all cross trained (with the exception of one permanent scheduler).  They rotate between check in, scheduling, rooming and infusion center.  They all are proficient in doing the rooming process, including vitals.  There are two who are trained in phlebotomy, which we just started in our clinic, instead of having patients go to lab for finger pokes or peripheral blood draws.  We also have a support staff supervisor who knows every detail of the work and can fill in or help out in any of the areas, except phlebotomy, if there is congestion in any area. 

    On a daily basis they are scheduled as follows

    1-2- check in
    2-3-call center
    1-infusion center
    1-workroom (MD/NP support)
    1 check out/phlebotomy
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    We are restructuring our outpatient oncology clinic and are trying to identify the best way to set up our coordinator/schedulers.  How many clinic coordinators you have and how many patients/day you see in clinic.  Do you have disease-specific coordinators or do each of your coordinators have separate responsibilities (i.e. one schedules procedures, one answers the phone).
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