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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    June 19, 2014 at 11:58 am

    See below.

    Mary Lynn Rae
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    We are currently looking at making some changes in role differentiation and I am trying to gather some information about the way other centers function.  My questions are:

    1.  How many MDs do you have (total, clinical, research)? 23 MDs; 3 new fellows each year (so 9 at the same time); 18 APNs that do clinical care.
    2.  How many LIPs?  SEE ABOVE How many inpatient? At one time:  Attendings: 1 Hem/onc and 1 SCT; 1 Hem Fellow and 1 ONC fellow; 2 APNs  How many outpatient? We divide by teams:  ONC ~4 on/day; SCT 1/day; Neuro-2-3 per clinic day; Hem 2-3/clinic
    3.  Who prepares chemotherapy orders (e.g. LIPs, MDs, RNs) in advance for the MDs to sign?:  APNs/MDs (not RNs)
    4.  Who prepares lab orders in advance (e.g. LIPs, MDs, RNs)? APNs/MDs (not RNs)
    5.  In the outpatient setting, what is your team?  (e.g. MD paired with an LIP and an RN to coordinate for each clinic?) MD paired with APN or fellow); RNs to coordinate the clinic
    6.  Who examines patients in the outpatient setting (e.g. MD alone, MD with LIP, LIP independently)? All combos; MD+ fellow; APNs independently in ONC; APN/MD in Hem and APN/MD in SCT
    7.  How many new oncology diagnoses do you get per year? ~250 per year

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Mary Schlapkohl
    University of Iowa Children’s Hospital
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