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  • Susanne Conley

    July 1, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    It is an important issue.  The more you access a port the more you risk infection.  Inpatient you can leave it accessed for 7 days.  In the adult world at DFCI we send patients home accessed with CADD pump infusions.  No increase in CLABSI.  If the recommendation by INS and ONS to secure hubers with steri strips or another securement device is followed you decrease the chance of dislodgement and if the patient needs further treatment on subsequent days you decrease the number of times you access.
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    Susanne Conley, MSN, RN, CPON, AOCNS

    Susanne Conley
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    Hi Everyone,

    We allow patients to go home from our clinic or inpatient unit with their port accessed if they are returning the next day.  We have recently had some requests for patients who want to stay accessed for more than one night at home.  Do any of you allow this?  If so, have you noted any increased infection rates?  We know this will impact our home care plan for heparin and will also impact the PFE, but wanted to see if other insititutions allow this practice.

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