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  • Mary Lynn Rae

    July 3, 2014 at 9:29 am

    We still give medications IV push including vincristine.  If the medication is not IV push but is < 50 mL pharmacy will dispense the medication on a syringe and we will deliver via syringe pump. Tubing is primed with normal saline as the priming volume is only 0.5 mL.  No issues to report.

    Mary Lynn Rae
    Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
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    At our hospital, the pharmacy is requesting to deliver our chemotherapy in syringes as opposed to minibags for any  push medications.   We currently use a syringe only if the pt has fluid/size restrictions.   We use a closed system primed with saline with our mini bags now.  In the adult population, they are using a free flowing saline bag and then pushing the chemo while checking blood return.   We have always used a pump with all our IV medications, and are concerned about this change in practice.  We always check blood return pre and post administration.   We remain with the pt and observe for any signs of needle dislodgement/extravasation.  
    Do you ever use a free flowing IV with ports?  Ever?
    When you use a syringe, how do you prime the tubing?
    Do you use a syringe pump?

    Michelle Smith, RN  BSN
    Medford, OR
    United States