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  • Cindi Seidel

    March 4, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    I would be interested in information on this model too.

    Cindi Seidel, BSN, CPHON, RN
    Children’s of Alabama
    Birmingham, AL
    United States

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    From: Amy Sherrod
    Subject: Nurse Navigator/Clinical Coordinator/Care Manager Role and Responsibility

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    I am looking for specific information about Nurse Navigator/Clinical Coordinator RN roles.  If your organization uses a similar model where there is a Nurse who does education and care coordination (refills, faciltation of scheduling, etc) and a different  group of nurses who access the ports and give treatments during a visit to the clinic (short chemo, for example), how have you defined the roles and responsibilities of these two roles?

    What does the “Nurse Navigator/Care Coordinator” do and not do?

    What is the caseload of the “Nurse Navigator”?

    What are the assignments of the “Clinic RN’s” who see the patients?  Are they disease-based?  Do they cross-cover Infusion and Sedation?

    Please feel free to share any additional information you have as well as your experience with transitioning to this model.

    Thanks so much!

    Amy Sherrod, RN,MSN, CPNP
    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta