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  • Maureen Sanders

    May 21, 2015 at 11:14 am

    We give it in 25 ml over 15 minutes including the flush.

    For babies we give IVP

    Maureen Sanders, RN,CPON
    Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
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    From: William Copeck
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    We have switchd over to minibags and while the strain on resources is significantly higher, overall it seems to work fine. Including priming the line, med, and flush we are talking 65-75 ml of fluid total infused.

    Our docs have one concern: In patients 10kg and less they feel quite strongly that 65-75 ml is too much volume to give. Extending the infusion time is not an option. We are not staffed for it and when multiple meds ar being given, time contraints come into play.

    Is anyone else handling smaller kids and infants differently than the others?

    Our docs would like to do these kids in a 20 ml syringe to limit the volume (our syringe tubing holds 1 ml so we are talking 21-22 ml total). Pharmacy is not totally comfortable with this as they feel it defeats the purpose but we feel it is a reasonable and safe way to address the concern.

    Any thoughts?



    William Copeck, BSN,RN,CPHON
    Bloomfield, NJ
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